Expanding Hose

So i’ve had my train horns for a few years and every so often I start to notice a leak in my air system. It always turns out to be coming from the connection of a hose and a barb fitting.

I’m using a thick 1/4" ID hose rated up to 300psi and barb fittings with hose clamps (sometimes two). The problem area is usually near the engine where the horns are mounted. The hoses start to expand around the barb fitting creating a leak. The pressure in the system is only around 140 psi. The 1/4" ID would expand to a size between 3/8" and 1/2". Is there a better way to stop this from happening?

I hate having to constantly change out the hoses.

I would call Hornblasters - they can set you up.

Sounds like you’re in need of some DOT tubing & push-to-connect fittings.

Things expand with heat. you can either re rout your hose away from the engine, or create a heat shield of some sort that would protect it from the heat or radiate the heat. or you could do what ear2ear suggested and use some DOT tubing.

I had so much trouble with barbs and push to connect fittings before I finally went all compression fittings and havent had a single issue since.