expensive airline fittings?

hi everyone. i just got my 5 gallon tank and 450c compressor and i just bought all the fittings for the system. on the tank (as pictured) i have a 145psi pressure switch, 175psi blow off safety valve, hose inlet for compressor, hose outlet for horns, and a pressure reciever (for digital gague.) for the compression fittings for the whole system it cost me $70. does that price for fittings make sense cuz i thought they were really cheap??:frowning:

edit: pictures werent working

where did u get em?

ace hardware. in aston pennsylvania.

that sounds right… if not cheaper! Brass fittings add up quick!

Try getting some brass nipples… When i priced those out i almost fell over! $10-20 ea!

When i redid my whole setup i went out and spent about $150 on brass fittings , and the loctite 545 sealant! I still have a bunch of fitting left over to , but figure why return them when i will prob. use them again…

i was just checkin to see if i got ripped off or not. i guess i didnt! and it goes like this i guess: you gotta pay to play. lol

exactly! Its all about doing it right the first time! Nothing worse that putting together a awesome horn kit and a week later having a cheap fitting break , or leaks , etc…

yea i payed like 70 or so from HB

its expensive, but its a one time buy my whole system is copper tubing with flare fittings

try the all brass push to connect fittings lol prolly around 6-15$ a piece depending on size

Another good place to buy the fittings and air line is a parts place for 18 wheelers and dump trucks they use air for the brakes :slight_smile: Thats were i get all mine from usually they have a bigger selection and right angle ones as well.

i got mine at homedepot or lowes

dang. i only paid like $25 for all my fittings at home depot