eXteme Aire Magnum

Hey guys, I’m looking into buying an Extreme Aire Magnum and was wondering on whether or not it would be feasible to use it without an air tank while running my Nathan Air Chimes with the 3 bell setup. It says that it would run 150psi continuous cycle max 200. So would it be necessary to even run a tank?

post a link up of it… id like to read the specs on it

I am with him, I would like so see that.

Its a re-badged Puma… and yes you still need to run an air tank. You may find that getting parts for it might be difficult in the long run.

Other pumps that made by Puma and rebadged for other sellers include:
AIM DC series
Extreme Outback

Ok, you want to discuss compressors but I don’t see anything posted about Oasis which was mentioned in the original message.

Now there’s a compressor that will do the same job of at least 4 of the others. There’s even a model that has its own cooling features - XD4000. How many of the other brands can run 10 hours straight @ 200 psi without failing.

Sure, they’re oil lubricated and require some maintenance but so does your vehicle.

You might say they draw too much current but in reality they draw the same amount of overall power as any other 12V compressor, they just do it in a shorter period of time.

If you think they cost too much - How much would spend on 2 to 4 (or more) of the other brands over, lets say, 2500 operating hours?

There are many Oasis compressors that have been running out there since 2002 with very few requiring any kind of repair.

You can even change a tire with a ½” impact wrench, fill a spare, and have enough left over for many blasts from your horns, not to mention you will be able to blast those horns a lot more often.

didnt see anything mentioning oasis to begin with?

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