F-150 and airlines

Can you buy the airline at local hardware stores like Lowe’s, etc… or some specialty supply stores? Also, I have an '04 F-150 and am looking for creative places to put the 4 horn conductor set (the horns themselves) besides ditching the spare tire. Anybody else have an F-150 with these horns? Thanks for any help you can give.

buy a dodge :wink: theres plenty of room in the front for the fords check out the installs pages on hornblasters.com

I like that, but do you think the horns will be muffled by the air dams on the sides?

This isn’t the same truck but its the better way to do a radiator type mount:

to will hear that horn no matter where you put it

Ideally that’s what I want, but the pesky transmission cooler is in the way.

thats my old s10!
that truck started everyone on s10s down the right path mountin it that way…

You can mount the facing down, it will work great. in the grill that is.

Got 'em in. 2 under each healight facing down. Works great!