F.N.G. here! lithia, FL

whats up yall?

buddy of mine at work got me hooked on these train horns now im thinkin about it almost as much as i am the wedding, dont know much about them, just the basics. got a pair of shockers, nothing fancy, just enough to agrivate the human billboards standing at the corner. lithia isnt that “well known”, its close to plant city, tampa… that area. workin at a feed store so train horns are really all there is to talk about 9 hours a day.

nice… and welcome to the forum!


Welcome, the Oasis XD3000 was a top ten product at the “World Ag Expo” in Tulare, CA a couple of years ago. Check em out for your farm!

thanks, but its just a store for those that have farms, i could only dream of having or working on a farm (depending on the job of coarse).

welcome! im actually in tampa this week visiting family

oh well, I tried…lol

I know, tell your customers they have them at hornblasters.