F350 ext cab 6' bed K3LA mounting angle?

Hey guys, I’m like 95% ready to install my setup. ViAir 380c pump, 5 Gallon Tank with 150 psi switch, and 1 set of K3LA’s. before the chimes came in the mail I was thinking of a bumper install, not gonna happen unless I want to loose A/C. So under the bed we go, gonna put the tank and horns under the bed with the compressor in the cab, I drive in the snow a lot and the NY salt KILLS anything metal. My dad is a good welder and has a nice mig setup. We are going to mount the tank up behind my trailer hitch (class 3) so I can have easy access if I were to put a fitting on it for air tools or a blow gun for cleaning the cab. The truck does not have a spare tire but still has the whole tire support under the bed. I was thinking of doing them facing down to the road with the backs of the chimes almost touching the bed so you can’t see them and they have that much more room to spread the sound. I see some people mounting them facing the front of the vehicle and the rear. The front sounds nice with a slight angle to reflect off the ground forward and behind sounds nice because only 3-4’ away is free air to broadcast but how do these chimes react to salt inside of them? Any opinions or help in this matter is greatly appreciated and thanks John for helping me start this projects I been carrying on about for 5 years to finally just get done.

Facing down is the best position for max sound projection. The horn’s are made of die cast aluminum and the manifold of hardened sand cast aluminum. I’m not sure of the effects of salt. If in doubt, paint them.

i live in ny too… buffalo to be exact, where bouts are you.

only problem i see u running into is hooking up the compressor to the tank. the hose is not very long to connect to the tank, usually u mount it right next to it with in a foot or 2

take a look at my install there, might be able to get some ideas

Braided stainless steel leader hose is available up to 4ft.

hey paul, with the snow and salt blasting I think I would position the horns facing aft.downward sloping is not a bad idea either. extra protection in the form of bonnets are available from h/b for $15.00 a piece to $ 56.00 a piece from microprecision group.com(nifty aluminum screen conical snow shields). paul glad to help a brother out with the equiptment.:smiley:

being that he wants to mount the compressor in the cab and the tank below the truck is spare tire area, it still wont be long enough.

You can couple them together.

is something like that really recommended tho… ive never seen an install like that or heard of it…

i’d like to hear some input from the viar rep on this…

i wouldnt mount compressor in cab… that noise would be too annyoing for me in the cab

i have seen it on some reg cab mini trucks
but they burn up pumps a lot because
of head pressure
with a 1/4 line at 6 feet 15 psi drop
so if you have a 150psi pump and 145-150 psi
switch on tank you make the pump work up to
165+ with 6 feet of line so if you do i say use a 380
or 480 and a 150 or 165 switch YOU WILL need a water trap
as the hose acts like a cooling coil

just my 2 cents

Before you go buying a bunch of leader hoses and coupling them together go to a local hydraulic line shop with your old small leader hose. They will be able to make you whatever you want, just bring those hose so they know what fittings to use and what line to use. It’s not cheap tho, I broke the fitting the one that came with mine so I had another made. The guy even gave me a discount and it was like $25 for a copy of the leader hose that comes with a compressor.

if you put the compressor it will make alot of noise…since you access to a mig, why dont you build a box around the compressor and mount that your hose line can come out of and on top put like a mesh material for top so the compressor can breath