Factory Looking Switch

Ive been looking were I can mount my switch for the k3 and I really dont want anybody in the passenger seat to be able to reach over and honk the horn and I want it to be hidden. I lost the factory fog lights during a wheeling trip a while back so the switch is not used, I want to make the factory fog light button the switch for the k3. Is there a way I could take it apart and put a momentary push button switch behind the button?
Im ganna take the switch apart this weekend to see if theres a way, but I was just wondering if anybody here has tried anything like this.

A customer of mine actually uses his cig lighter as a push button for the horns. Just hook a wire going from the ground side of the plug and run that to your solenoid.

I accually thought about that but the fog light switch would be cooler imo.
Im just going to open up the box the switch is in and mount a push button momentary switch right behing the stock button. Looks normal but will make your ears bleed.lol

You could prob just wire it into that switch. Instead of mounting another in there.

The problem is the switch is wired to only work when the low beams are on, I could wire it to constant hot but its still not a momentary switch so I would have to press the button two times really fast for 1 blast.
I figure its easier in the long run to put a momentary switch in there and not worry about it.

Hey man, i wired my valve right to the factory horn. I have a switch underneath the dash that can go three ways, i can control the toggle switch between the train horn, the factory horn, or shut them both off. I just use the horn button on the steering wheel and when i need to put it back on the factory horn (which is almost never), i just flip the switch and it goes back to the factory horn. It may take a little longer to wire up if you do it the way i did it, but its worth it.

thast exachtly what i was going to say thats the best way man, toggle from stock to train with your stock horn on the steering wheel!!!

I took that switch out and I cant wire it into that because its a sealed box. I mounted a two way momentary toggle switch already, up for the psychoblaster and down for the K3. If that dosent work out I am going to do the switch for the wheel but as of right now the toggle swith is good.