famous in small town

i like to ride by the local college about lunchtime and open up my train horns and scare the honk out of the students and hear them scream with terror as well as go in the mcdonalds drive thru and when service is slow use my train horns as a “friendly” reminder that i am waiting. unfortunately at mcds it is well known that it is me doing that plus i drive a big 4x4 suburban that has 40 lights and semi truck mirrors on it so it is known that it is me and if nobody knows all they need is one guess- so much for being undercover. it is also fun to drive by a field and watch horses run like it is going out of style when i blow my horns. dammit boy!!!

yea same with my truck… i did the same thing near my local college and now when i pull up, people are already covering their ears…lol

yeah that is more fun than a barrel of monkeys i also get the “covered ear” response

Hey Dumptruck, what part of GA you from?

griffin area 30 mi south of atl