What’s your favorite cars? post some pics here!!!

Here are mines:::::::

Rolls Royce Phantom!

Lamborghini Murcielago!

Nissan Skyline R34!

sorry, no pics but the Skyline is definetly one of my favorites.

the skyline i love that car man i have never drive one but i wish i can sometime…

I’ve never driven one either but I’d love to someday!

Dream car would be a 1965 4 door Lincoln Continental Convertible

i like the 55 chevy my dad use to have one back in Cuba u know there is only old cars like this ones.

for the classics I go with just about anything from the 40’s, 50’s, & some 60’s, vettes, mustangs, camaros, 68-70 chargers, challengers, & GTOs.

Which muscle cars did I miss?

you said it man that the the poop

Ive seen that car at a car show… i may have pics on my other computer…idk :rolleyes:

If you get the chance to go to SEMA in Las Vegas, you’ll see all these cars and lot more!

lol or the Keeneland Concours d’Elegance. You name it someone has it… its crazy

the most realistic car i could afford in my near future
2008 HHR SS Turbo

2nd gen CTS-V:

1st Gen CTS-V:

for the truck guys:

That is a very large truck

lol future car I can afford and would like to buy is a 240. :smiley:

u kno whats funny my xterra has a 240 engine in it …weird

yea Nissan whored out that engine lol

Or even more fun/redneck