Favorite day of the year coming up soon....

I’m not really much of a blaster and it’s very rare that you’ll ever see me blast at someone randomly, but I must admit there’s one day of the year that I just let loose :o

Black Friday :smiley:

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Honestly I havent even thought about blasting on that day until now… THANK YOU lol you have opened my eyes to a whole new area of honking.

u and me both twist

ooh ive done this for past few years now…lmao… its soo awesome!!

Miscreants… Deviants…

Good stuff!

i did it on the ps3 release day but was busy shopping last year but i will be blasting this year AND filming lol

BAD donkey VID!:smiley:

Where are the new vids??? lol

i got drunk thursday at a bar…couldnt go out friday morning cuz i was still drunk…lol