few car show pics

Had the weekly car show in my area, heres an F-650 with a K3LA in the damn wheel well…

honk if id wanna fill up the gas on that 650…lol looks good but damn…

more pics would be awesome too!

i had one cost me like 240 some thing a weak
thats why i had one for one weak lol

you had a f650 but your driving a ranger?

lol i think this is

damn who reemed that cows donkey?

LOL the sensorship on the forum is funny… anyway to turn it off tho? feel like im underage…lol

you youngin … lol how old are you?

old enough to party!

so… uh… 25?

naw 22

lol super bad is an amazing movie

haha yes it is… ima bout to watch it…

chicka chicka yea

Take the vest off…makes u look like aladin…LOL


u kno there suppose to make an Old School 2

yea. It wouldnt surpass super bad tho.