Few questions on Comps

I will have a 8gal tank
so ill need two comps in the long run.
Dont need anything to break the bank by all means.
just a few hundred tops hopefully.
Who has deals on dual systems?
will be running K3 so what 150psi for tank if im right. not gonna run at 200psi.
but just looking to see what would be the IDEAL choice to go with dual setup wise that wont break the bank.

Think im right on that? 150psi for the K3 will be optimal?

Thanks guys

I run a DC5000 to fill 7 gallons, and it does a great job at it.

The cheapest kit is Viair dual 380’s (pewter color) @ $300. They’re capable of 200psi, but you could always run a 150psi pressure switch. Or keep 200psi in the tank and run a regulator out to the horns.

For another $20 you could get dual 444’s in chrome which are faster…

There are other kits too - depends on what you want.

Viair is more likely who ill run with. the one i had before worked great.

cheap is great… but im leaning towards 400c-444 dual setup looks like what alot of people are running.

that broke the bank… tisk tisk :slight_smile:

I just installed dual 444s on a 12gal tank. The 12gal is the same price as the 8.5gal from HB. If you have room u can go with the 12gal! :slight_smile: Very happy with this setup. If you can swing a little more $ for added speed you’ll be glad you did. I’m one who believes in spending a little more and getting what I want because I hate to look back down the road and have the “Would’a, could’a, should’as”! Lol

Yella ur picture album is lacking horn/tank pictures…
Have any pictures of the 12gal tank… or where its placed?
I def have the room… But im building a platform bed in the back, pretty sure i can make it work. but 12 gal wont sit on the frame thats for damn sure haha.

I finally got everything installed last night and have been taking pics of my restoration and install along the way. I haven’t posted all the pics yet because I wanted to wait until everything was complete but hope to post soon! And yeah, I couldn’t fit the 12gal tank underneath either because I have electric running boards which take up room on the frame rails.

I bought a pre-cut sheet of ply from homedepot and mounted my tank and compressors to it and it is in the bed of my truck. I put some rubber pads on the bottom of the board to keep it from sliding. I’ll try to take a quick pick of the tank mount for ya so you can get an idea of the size.

def be looking for your restoration build thread :slight_smile:
pretty sure i can make the 12 gal work… hell why not… more air to have fun with…
People really dont mess with the van though… think there just scared of it cause it looks like a kidnappers or whatever u want to insert ----------- there haha.
But its fun and its a 77 Which makes it better.
But in nashville. they dont care they just cut you off…

Lmao yeah I’d tell my kids to get away if they see a van pull up! ha

I’m thinkin the 12gal is good for plenty of air for the horns, plus I’ll be able to use air tools on it from the back of the truck no prob. Flat tire? I’ve got air! Need to change a tire? I’ve got an impact wrench! lol

About to post a cple pics of the tank for you to see the size…

Here’s a couple shots of the tank and compressors. As you can see I still need to button up the install and hide wires, etc.

^ How about a little more info on this Electronic drain valve kit. Did you just install a solenoid valve and a switch in the cab to drain it?

Yep. That was Tiernan of HB’s idea. I don’t wanna be crawling in the bed of the truck to drain it, not to mention the mess of water spewing all over the wood, tank, compressors, wiring, etc. He sold me on a 1/2" solenoid valve and I plumbed it to the tank with a street elbow, a 6" pipe nipple to the valve to be able to clear the bottom of the tank, then 1/2" line out of the valve and it runs down under the bed of the truck. I haven’t installed the switch yet but yeah it’ll go up front in the cab. Tiernan told me you can even get a bit of a scare out of people up close to them by the loud hissing sound of the released air if you aren’t wanting to totally blast there ears out with the horn.

The tank drainer was tempting maybe one day lol, nice setup, looks clean.

Thanks. Hope to get her all buttoned up this weekend.

Ya I though of that, but… I have a 200psi safety pop off valve that doubles as my drain.

Viair has developed a pretty good reputation in the small compressor market and I’d probably go with them if I didn’t have the money for an Oasis XD3000.