Final K5LA Install

Ok everyone. This is the last post about my K5LA that I am sure you all are sick of hearing about…lol…:rolleyes:

  1. I am removing the 150 psi Pressure Regulator :wink:

  2. I am installing all new 1/2" ID rubber airline that I have in my garage

  3. I am installing a 110/145 pressure switch on the tank

  4. I am moving the solenoid as close to the K5LA manifold as I can, due to the mounting plate, I cannot mount it right up against the K5LA flange.

  5. I am leaving the 3/4" barb fitting on the K5LA and one foot of 3/4" ID air hose going directly into the Solenoid.

  6. The other side of the solenoid will have the 1/2" barb fitting with 1/2" ID hose running straight to the tank port.

After all of this, I am done…lol

Bixby1980 and I will make more videos after these modifications are complete for comparison purposes

Thanks again for all your help and advice.

ull never be done… ull be thinking on how to fit more horns, then how to fit a EDC, and larger tanks, and other stuff to scare people with…lol

If you’re still not satisfied go with nylon DOT airhose. You can always remove the 1/2 plug on the front or back side of the manifold and install your solenoid there, the other side has a 3/8 plug. That’s where my metering valve hose plugs in.