Final touches of horns. Please help.

GOt these old K5LAs mounted underneath and ran a manual valve into the cab.

While it sounds nice and loud and real, I just opted to replace the manual with the HORNBLASTERS 1/2 brass electric valve.

BUT, have one last goal. I plan to wire up the electric valve this week but dont want to wire it to the car horn. With the hornblasters electric valve, I see one wire goes to ground but then the other must go to an “intermittent toggle switch”. I see the instructions mention a fused 5A wire.

Can I please get a recommendation on where to get a push button switch and 5A wire? Home Depot?

Also, I see references to intermittent switch but also a “momentary” switch. I’m looking for a switch that I push and as long as I hold it, the valve stays in the open position. thanks in advance for the help.

Here are the horns before, after and mounted:

Any electronics shop will have it or car place (were you buy oil/filters ect)

You will be looking for a momentary switch. Wire wise almost anything will do hook up wire ect I used speaker wire. As for fusing it I wouldn’t worry if you tap it off another circuit it will be fused.

You will want to from a switched 12v supply (only on when vechicle is on eg lighter socket) through momentary switch to the valve.

Getting more advanced you could add a 2nd switch (normal on/off config)in series as isolator so you cant use horn at all.

Whoa, hold the farm!!

So can I just run speaker wire from the EXACT same accessory line that I used for the pressure switch? (I used the rear lighter socket)

Then from there, through momentary switch, as you stated, then to valve. And the other wire from the valve goes to ground.

Wow, sounds much simpler than I thought!

Ok I presume your pressure switch is one of those combined pressure switch/relays.

But yes the valve will use sweet Fuk all current.

What I’d do is

12v Acc from front of car (cig lighter/radio ect) into a toggle switch (to isolate it for Mechnic’s/mates/cops ect) to your momentary switch then to valve.

Valve will have 2 wires pos and neg. neg will go straight to chassis or similar. Pos is your switched wire.

Yea it’s rather simple.

Only way it gets more complicated is if you want an illuminated switch.

Look at the drawing they sudgest using your horns power circuit all doing using the Acc line.

Oh if u use speaker wire don’t use the smallest stuff you can 1mm2 or somwill be fine also since you only need 1 join the 2 wires together.

Id be surprised if you can’t get some wire for $5 at your local car place.