Finally got a horn...and then another

Hello, I’m new to the forums but I have been reading them for quite some time. I have been looking for an old cast P3 for years. I finally scored a fully restored Nathan P3 old cast on ebay. I grew up next to the Southern Pacific line in the Bay Area(Northern CA). As a kid I would spend many days watching the SD-9’s thunder through my neighborhood. We made friends with the engineers. They invited us to the yard and let us drive the engines around the yard at night. I think my dad was more excited than we were. But needless to say, the P3 triggers many memories. So it finally arrived at my house. 1 hour later it was hooked up to my air compressor with a ball valve. It’s hard to explain the feeling of holding a train horn in one hand and the valve in the other and letting her rip! I had the garage door shut as to not piss the neighbors off, but it barely muffled the decibals coming out of my garage at 10 at night. My eyeballs shook inside my head and my tools fell off the shelf. I was hooked. So now I have the P3 and a K3HA. The K3HA is under my truck with a 5 gallon tank and a Graham White valve in the cab. All powered by a Viair 400C.(need more compressors).

Welcome to the forum from SoCal. If you’re putting the P3’s on the same truck, sell the Viair and get 1 Oasis. Yes I’m biased…lol

Thanks. Do those things ever go on sale? i.e. Black Friday or Christmas

We haven’t put them on sale. I think Hornblasters gave a discount to forum members in the past but you’ll have ask them.

Yes, welcome.

My custom Oasis is kicking butt on a regular basis. I highly recommend the Oasis compressor.

It is great for the horns and whistle.

It is also VERY useful for compressed air for home and auto projects.