Finally got aound to extending my Alarm's range...

I’ve had my K3HA connected to the factory alarm system for some time now, but the remote range has alwaysbeen quite crappy :frowning:

I was lucky to get 10 ft., even using the chin method :rolleyes:

Seems Toyota took the alarm antenna wire and wrapped it around a harness hidden under the dash, so I soldered in a new wire and routed it over the headliner and down the passenger side c-pillar…

Now I get around 300 ft. and I still have yet to replace the old remote battery :slight_smile:

Here’s a short test video:

nice bro… i want to do that same thing too

haha nice!

haha i was soooo pissed when i didnt hear the k3 the first time…
since i think im just gonna use selenoid valve I will hook up the k3s to the alarm on my new truck

Lol that made me laugh a bit, really nice

What are you going to do with the old valve? :smiley:

first id like to say that i have two manual valves now one is a g.w. and the other is a seige manual valve and they are identical in sound, size, and feel but i think im going to keep em till im stisfied with my setup and then ill probably come of one or both pretty cheap

Okay well let me know cuz I really want a manual valve.

ya i gots dibs of the second depedning on price