Finally!! K5la's on 2002 F250

Finally got em put on. Knew they’d be loud but come on guys…you gotta warn people LOL. First time I hit the button I was standing outside my truck and when I jumped from being scared sh*tless I hit both my knees on my nerf bar. But I was so excited I didn’t care. Setup is Dual 480’s and a 12 gallon tank with K5’s mounted in the spare tire mount that I partially cut out.

Rest of the pics. I don’t know how to just put the pictures up so I did the thumbnail thing. I’ll post a link from Youtube when I get the videos up.

The pics from behind the truck were to show that the horns arent noticeable and are tucked up nice and tight even pointed down.

looks good

Good job on the install, sometimes I forget how loud they are, I’m too used to them.

Very Nice

Here’s some vids I took yesterday and last night. The runby is kinda funny cuz the valve stuck open from the cold as I passed the camera. I’m in the northwest corner of North Dakota so it still gets below zero at night.

nice install!!

Looks sick bro…I need to get one so bad!!!

my dad shat himself when he first heard them. but we were in the garage. lol