I just bought a shocker xl kit from someone who had it for two weeks. i’m starting the install monday. now, how do i hide it from my girlfriend?

tell her your going out of the country Monday. and not to bother coming over

OR you could

Just call her fat. That will give her a couple day of anger not to see/speak to you. Then say that your sorry and it wont happen again lol

man…you sure don’t beat around the bush. I think i’ll just have to work late…if you know what i mean. i’ll just have to leave the compressor off when she’s around

Just tell her. Women have their shoes and purses, and men have their cars and train horns:D

hahaha just tell her u bought something for her and show her the horns :slight_smile:

LOL Thats right ! If she doesn’t like it go find A woman that does. They want A guy with A sense of humor but when it comes to guys stuff they don’t understand that we have our needs and wants too. So there ya have it ! LOL :smiley:

after they are installed

I’ll let her know about it when i scare the sh@t out of her :wink:

Hope she has A good sense of humor. :smiley:

maybe she’ll think its cool…? i did

DO Keep us posted on her reaction when you first honk the horn and scare the crap out of her…

I will…I can’t wait for Halloween. I’m gonna have it on probably monday or tuesday then i’m going down to canton, tx. there’s a bunch of ppl down there so i’m gonna have lots of fun…

I read this, and I have to use this punch line.