Finished installing my HB4H on a 99 Escort SE

Just finished all my wiring today this stuff is so awesome!!! THANK YOU HORN BLASTERS!!!

Lets get a video clip.

Heres some vids when I tested em out in the country today enjoy.

haha sounds awesome man!!
ur first horn was a ***** horn!! i think my little newfew has a louder horn on his bicycle!! haha

hey bro, I have an escort myself ('95 though) and am looking to install the shocker 4’s… could you elaborate at all on the install process? did you have to disassemble anything on the car (take of the bumper etc…)?

Also what kind of tubing did you use/why? i notice it is pretty close to your exhaust

LAst log in: 12-27-2008 02:04 PM idk if he will reply

unless he gets an email saying someone responded

He works a lot, ill ask him next time i talk to him

nice, thanks