First 1L bell Restoration.

Time consuming but I think well worth it. Now I have 3 more to do.

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Dear Farmer69,
I adore all of your horns and wish I had money for even just one.
Love, Milliron

Thank you. Love what you do, and the finished product will show it.

SO true. Looks great…

damn looks awesome bro

How many hrs. invested in that Farmer? Looks tight. Does that change the pitch any?

Lemme just get 3 of them off you… 1, 2, 4a and I’ll be straight…

Time invested about 6 hours.

Change pitch, No. I am just putting the horn back to its original form with some shine.

N2o, Everything has a price. Unfortunately free isn’t in my vocabulary. :slight_smile:

Wow you have alottt of horns lol.

dang dude, this one had me choking from laughing…

I know everything has a price, was making a jokie joke :slight_smile:

top business man right here

Thank you jelle.

Do you completely disassemble the horns when you bead blast them? If not, how do you keep the media from getting down inside the horns?

There taken apart.

How do you keep from marring the mating surfaces of the bells?

Hey Farmer69. This is Isaiah. Are you the one I just got my K1L bell from? If you are, just wanted to say how pleased I am with it! I took off my 4A on my K3 and replaced it with the K1L like Ed K did. And I LOVE how it sounds now. Pleasure doing business with you.

I dont cover the surface, I am just very careful. Its a pain, but the end product is worth it.

Isaiah, that was me you got the bell from. Glad you got it okay. That setup you have is a nice sounding bell arrangement. Did you get any video of it?

What does this mod do? Im curious. Also, are you planning on getting video?

Not yet. Been workin like a dog! Will have a video in a couple of days for you.

The K1L bell is a larger bell so it produces a deep “C” note. Go to This is an example of a K3-1L.