First couple scares...

So since I’ve never done this before, I HAVE set up some temporary rules so I don’t get in a lot of trouble. No babies, no really old people, not at night (in residential areas", and not on the highway…ok forget that last one lol. So I was getting off work yesterday morning and I come to a 4-way stop. I look to the right and here’s this lady in one of those Lexus SUVs doing 50mph towards this stop sign. I looked closer and she was on her cell and drinking a coffee at the same time. She also had her window down. I did what any good Christian would do…I scared the **** outta her! lol I laid on the horn and she slams on her brakes and sorta sneezed/exhaled into her coffee, effectively coating her windshield and dashboard with vanilla mocha lol. I looked over to my friend and simply said, “Don’t speed…I wouldn’t have done it if she wasn’t being an idiot lol”.

I had those same rules, but now everyone is game.

awesome man serves her right! just watch for cops lol