First ever horn test for the Focus!

Check it out. I hate how, with most cameras, the horns are so loud that they actually sound quieter lol. But here ya go. The first of many train horn videos to come!

Video Removed So I Can Cover My License Plate Up

nice bro hahaha big difference there ah

haha easy button, to make horn videos you have to be very far away from the car to show the volume
I laughed at the i only know where 2 horns are, haha!
heres mine, push for the front set of horns and the toggle for the back s4s

Nice fing toggles…

damn brizzal ur sh!ts all cutsom man…nnice

No vid.

yeah, why was it removed?

lol it finally dawned on me that having my license plate clearly visible for the world to see probably isnt the greatest idea! But I am going to put another one up ASAP.

Attention all units…we got a man scareing people with train horns… Roger is a 1995 cadillac deville…pimping car

ummm…huh…? pimping car?

sure, everyone knows who drives cadillacs…lol

whats the big deal about showing your plate
everyone around you can see it why not people on the innernet

with the plate, you can find out where they live and jack their setup. you may see them on the street and know they have horns, but on the internet you would know what else they have. system or whatever else pops up in the photos.

o i did not think about that
thats a pretty good reason though

or if a cop wants to be a Richard he can run you plate or use your pics/vids if he finds you

EXACTLY! The cops around my area are just messed up enough to do that too lol.

that sux lol