First horn, Doing it right for the money.

Alright, This is going to be my first train horn, Ive been lurking around the website, and forums for a while now and Ive decided on the Conductors Special Model 540 Train Horn Kit. What Im going to mount it on is a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I use my Jeep in mild offroading and mainly just driving around.

Heres what it looks like before the lift was put in:

Im thinking Im going to take off the 2 flood lights on the top, and Place the end of the horns sticking through to the front of the roof rack, so that all the ends are even in front of the car, and have the body of the horns back in the rack. Make a custom bracket that they all sit on that will be bolted to the roof rack, and underneath have all the connections and fittings. From there run a single line along the sides of the rails on the roof, Drill a small hole in theback of the jeep that will run the air line through to the inside, Where the compressor and tank will be mounted behind the back seat in the trunk of my jeep. Ill run the line down the C post on the drivers or passengers side and connect it to the tank there.

Now some questions I do have, 1; what do you think about the above set up? I know most people recommend them being hidden as to avoid issues with cops, Im a FF/EMT in my town and am in good terms with all the local cops/County Sheriffs, and also they say to have them hidden due to people stealing them. Im figuring on securing them very well to the roof rack. Besides the theft/LEO issues that people say, Is there any major issue having these horns out in the open weather? Should I buy covers for the ends of the horns, to protect against snow, bugs, etc?

Another question, With this kit, is there anything else I need to buy that isnt included? I am most likely going to hook the compressor up to a custom switchpanel that I made in the overhead Console inside of the old Garage Door opener compartment. Do I need a pressure gauge? Or does the compressor automatically turn off when it reaches a certain pressure? Im kinda confused with the whole schematics of it.

Also, for controlling the horns, I was looking at buying that Push Button controller off of Amazon with the Accordion style cord on it and the Red Button on top. To connect that, is it fairly simple? Do I need an extra inline fuse, or does the kit come with one?

Any other questions I come up will Ill post in here, But this is all I can think of for now. Thanks guys

  1. nope, Trains run them 10 feet up in the air without covers, so you should be good.

2)you dont need a pressure gague. The kit comes with a pressure switch which runs the compressor when the tank is low on air and stops the compressor when the tank is full. so the gague is just for your knowing.

3)no, its simple. with the valve will have 2 wires on it. 1 to be grounded and another to run to the + side of the battery. with that switch, you will have a wire go from the + side of the battery to 1 of the outputs on that push button, and on the other end of the push button wire you will run it to one of the wires on the valve. and the other wire on the valve will be grounded. If that makes scene.

hope that helps. Good luck with the install.

Alrighty, Thanks for the speedy response :smiley:

pretty much what twist said. plus i think theres a truck on that has that setup…
also once you get the set, if u get stuck with something just post up for questions.
also take pics of your install so can host then on their website!

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