First time air horn user

This is my first AIR HORN experience and I realize that my system is the bottom of the line.
Space is an issue with my 2nd generation Tacoma.
I purchased a COALER “train horn” for about $100.
It came with a tank, a gauge, lines, a dump solenoid, a set of four horns and a really noisy. Really inefficient compressor that took a dump in a few weeks.
Instead of replacing the horrible compressor, I threw it away. Added the valve to the tank in reverse and also added a Schrader valve to the tank to fill with my home garage compressor.
Now I have just one wire to a momentary rocker switch.
I get between 4 and 6 blasts per fill.
It’s so much less complicated and no longer unreliable…
And to be honest, not much of an air horn.
Its loud. But not CRAP YOUR PANTS loud.
I’m curious to see what others have done with limited space