First victim of my K3HA

Going down the highway today, minding my own business when a guy comes up on me doing 85-90 MPH in a 55, I was doing about 60 in the fast lane, so I put on my signal to get over into the right lane to let him pass, there were a few cars so i wasn’t able to get over immediately like I’d assume he wanted and proceeds to pass me on the shoulder, I waited until he was even with the back door of my cab and gave him a good 3-4 second blast from my k3 that I just finished installing yesterday. Needless to say he was a bit more well behaved until he couldn’t see me.

Feels good don’t it :slight_smile:

very and it’s still choked out, I’m waiting on my h/lf inch valve and tubing to get here, running a 3/8 valve with 3/8 tubiung