First Victim

I have been very conservative on blowing my horn so far but I have to share this with you all. I had just picked up my kids from school and they wanted to go to Burger King. This took me down a street that I normally tried to avoid due to the high school gets out during this time. I turned the corner to head to BK and there was a group of about 15 high school kids standing next to the road. They had their baggie pants sagging down with underwear showing hats on sideways the whole 9. This one young man decided he was going to cross in forint of me and make me stop. I rolled up to about 3 feet from him and dumped everything I had. This guy ran, his pants fell down to his knees and he almost took a header. It is amazing how un cool his walk became at that precise moment. All of his boys after their hearts started beating again started laughing at this dude and that’s when he got pissed. I was LMAO as I drove off while he was calling me every name in the book. I wish I had my phone recording it was hilarious. All the work and money I put in to my system just paid off.

Yes sir - your horn just paid for itself!

LOL! Gotta love that!

(Can we get the subject changed? It says “fist” not “first”.)

Thanks MarineOne got it…

haha nice one!!!
although i was skeptical to read this post at first…lol… but it was a good one.

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i actually like it when people cut me off.

OMG!! Metallicajunky I can see why. That hurts my ears just looking at it. I’m running if I just see you LOL…

I thought this site was all about train horns, but apparently something else is going on. If you guys are discussing your most recent “fist victims,” by all means, blast those Village People albums, but I am most definitely out of here.

Metallicajunky is driving the Deathstar

LMAO!! I fixed the type o, that is funny however…

Not into fisting unless its your old lady. LOL I can’t understand why they have half there underwear showing and someone pants them why they get so upset? I think they need to be able to run with there hands in the air without there pants falling down.

I would have died laughing in your truck watching that.

I would have loved to watch this, I’m think about mounting a camcorder on my dash just for my horns.

Ahhhh…I believe so KUDOS are definitely in order…prime honkage there!..Mind your britches orend up in the ditches…Pull your damn pants up!lol…wish you had caught that on video…classic!I live not far from Ohio University in Athens and the temptation to go blow the pants off of some ignorant know it all college student is killing me…

My first time I honked drove by a liquor store. We had to go in anyways so we whipped in and let off the gas cause my trucks so loud. Turns out it didn’t matter this guy walked out of the door holding an 18 pk bottles…I let him have it and he dropped the case hahaha still my favorite!!