Fish sticks

Whats goin owwne my brotha man Version!

fish sticks? wtf u eatin a school lunch?

More like your damm moms lunch tell her to get that stankin thing washed! it smells like fish sticks.

lolol smells more like the great depression

this thread reaks of epic failure…

Hahaha lmao yeah her puss does depress me sometimes

lol epic failure it is dood whats kickin

yeah whats goin on Brizzal

hes prolly watchin murder she wrote

Guess he fell asslpeep version

I wrote a book once

thats what old people do fall asleep

I lied

wonder where scaredu is tonight

Idk hopefully he joins the competition

i’m gonna take his title from him lmao

Im not to far behind :wink:

yeah only 386 post behind lolol

yeah only :slight_smile:

they should make a new title for scaredu “post whore” at 1000 post