For Sale: K5HA — Pics & Audio Sample

Nathan Airchime K5HA.

I gave this thing the full works. They were originally dirty with diesel soot.

I started by fully dissembling the horn. Cleaned and inspected each diaphragm.

Then i used a wire brush wheel on each bell to clean off the soot and dirt.
After i used 60 grit sand paper, then 220 grit, then 440 grit on each bell.

The finish is bare aluminum and they are ready for a fresh coat of paint or powder coat.

Asking Price: $750 + Free Shipping

Pm Sent

Still have these??


ill let you know tomorrow afternoon. i have a “potential” “buyer”, but if the sale falls through there all yours.

STxFarmer i sent you a message.

Still for sale!

I am interested in your horns. Please email me so we can talk.

sent u a email

Still available!!!

Damn I can’t believe they are still here.:eek:

Sent while gathering Allison parts.

Still forsale?

Yes they are.

Can I call you are you call me. You can send me info very interested.

whats your email?

still for sale

Yah… dude i have had 6 people say there interested and none of them have followed through… like wtf

I been LOL-ing at this. It’s a nice K5. Pics and even a video. The asking price is listed. WTF?



Pending Deal