for sale like new viair 480c and tank

i have a 480c viair compressor and 5 gal tank that im selling.both are like new and i only ran them in my truck for a couple weeks until i got a ticket so i decided to sell my horn setup.i paid 300 for this setup a couple weeks ago so i dont think 200 OBO is to bad.

what kind of tank is it? It isn’t the stainless steel one that i’ve been looking for, is it? Or, what are the dimensions of the tank?

Will you take 175 shipped? Where are you located?

na man,maybe the compressor for that much shipped.and im in mansfield ohio

I am really only interested in the tank… What would you take for that shipped? Thanks!

Do you still have the tank and compressor? Whats the best price shipped to VA 22443. Very interested.Thanks

still for sale…

I don’t get it… I’ve had train horns for years… and never gotten a single ticket for them. Cops here are ruthless, and a couple know I have them - still no tickets. Its all when and how you use them that makes the difference I think. I have helped others avoid collisions and kept pedestrians from harm’s way with mine in the past. The cops that have responded to accidents have actually thanked me for using the horns appropriately.

I’m not saying I’ve never scared the crap out of anyone - but they are useful for other things too. If you had a desire to have them, then just watch where and when you use them. You’re going to miss having them as soon as you don’t have them anymore…


sent a PM waiting for response

Is your Viair 480C and 5 gal. tank still for sale?

i have the cash in hand just pm me if you still got them …

i do have them but the air compressor is pendin…still have tank though

i want the compressor if you still have it ?

im interested in the tank im in canton ohio
if still for sale i have cash what are you asking for tank?