Forgive me, for I have sinned.

I was on my way home from work yesterday, on a divided highway (2 lanes gong one way, 2 lanes going the other, separated by a grassy median). I was in the “passing” lane, behind another vehicle. In the right lane was a city bus with a minivan behind it. Me and the vehicle in the passing lane were passing the other two vehicles, when the bus started to slow down for the next bus stop.

The woman driving the minivan flipped on her blinker and started to merge into the passing lane to get around the bus. The problem was that I was beside her at the time, so I put my hand on the horn button, ready to honk it. I had to edge to the far side of my lane to keep from colliding with her. And then, for some strange reason, I decided to slow down and let her in front of me. Maybe I saw that that city bus was going to stop and the minivan wasn’t going to stop, no matter what happened. Maybe I’m getting soft. I didn’t see anybody else in the van with her. For whatever reason, I just let her go.

And then, in her mirror, I saw that she jerked her arm in a gesture, and made a face while looking at me in the mirror…she had the nerve to act exasperated towards me after she had completed her merge. I decided not to destroy her, and that’s the thanks I got. After we passed the bus, I accelerated, and passed her van and the other vehicle in the slow lane. Didn’t even look at her.

Now, thanks to her and that situation, I seriously doubt I’ll be giving anyone else any more chances. It appears that there are people out there that honestly believe that the laws of people and physics should bend for their benefit. Had it not been for the simple act of modern human civilization, these people would have either been killed by other people or by other animals. It’s a cold, heartless world; and there’s a loud, heartless horn out there, now with a user that’s more willing to use it now than he was before.

Next time let em have it, people like that derserve what they get…lol

No mercy!

You should have blasted her when you passed by while smiling and waving at her. I agree, no mercy for the ignorant!

I had one try to cut me off in a construction zone with solid white lines. I didn’t hit her with the K3, but I did a quick double tap on the regular horn and she tried a swerve check on me. It scared my wife pretty bad, so she got the full monty … 3 seconds at 165 PSI.

The tractor-trailer she was tail-gating did a brake check when he heard my horns, which caused her to brake check really hard. She had the nerve to roll her window down to flip me off … and yeah, she got it again and I emptied the tank on her.

There is no mercy for these idiots on the road.

I think God might be willing to forgive you. After all you’re making idiots aware of their mistakes…LOL

i can understand not hitting the horns, im the same way only cause i have an extremely loud horn that can cause big problems but when it comes to the occasion and theres no sign of potential problems, ill pull that handle and waste 50lbs.