Forum Discount?

Is there a forum discount?

There is no specific / set forum discount.

It’s a little confusing because Garrett was posting about a forum discount back in '09. When I called to place my order I asked about it -and no- there wasn’t a certain percentage or whatever… BUT, he made it worth my while for calling.

That is the key - call them! Tell 'em you’re on the forum and you’ll post lots-o-pics of your beautiful install! :wink:


^^ This!

Garrett did the same for me when I placed my order … was sad to hear he left HornBlasters.

Always give us a call…you never know :wink:

I only can second that sentiment. Bought my first kit from Garret and he was a top bloke to deal with. I couldn’t track him down when I bought my K horns so he must’ve left a while ago. Oh well… it’s nice to see Angie as a regular on the forum now. Seems to be doing the right thing for everyone here.

I agree, she’s doing a great job!

Garratt was the nuts:D He used to go that extra mile to help out:D

I go through Rigo now when ordering & he’s just as good as Garratt & is always on the other end of an email when I need him:D

Everyone at Hornblasters has been extremely helpful.

Angie, any extra discount if we stop by in person? Haha

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Not sure if paying sales tax would have been less than shipping for me.

Heck, I’d like to just go hang out for a day - meet the crew - maybe pack a few boxes.

Don’t talk to me about shipping & taxes, You guys have it so easy! Costs me almost the same amount as the the Horn kit again to import, pay the duty, Pay the shipping, pay the brokerage fees & Freight tax and then try to make a small profit… Does my head in!!! :frowning:

Haha! Stinky Pete definitely is not lying!

Sales tax is Florida to Florida and really isn’t too bad. 7%.

California is similar. Any sales within the state but outside of Orange County is taxed 7.5%. We add .5% within our county making it 8%. LA County adds 1%.

Thieves! :slight_smile:

Trust me, I called Angie and it was definitely worth it! THANKS ANGIE!