forum stickers?

we need forum stickers for windows, just something simple that says and mabye a silouite of some horns. im sure there are plenty of members here willing to pay $3-$5 for one.i would love to have one and it would help premote the site.

i would rock one

I can arrange this but let me talk to some people first

that would be awesome!

hey farmer, i would be more then happy to meet up with you and help out. ya know come up with a design or whatever.

Give me some ideas of what you guys would like to see on a sticker?

I think this design…

would be awesome , but in the

That design was posted by a member here…

If ya need someone to make the decal, i know of a great decal man on one of my other forums i am on… He has made me many decal, designs them himself… He made me the one i got on my back window now…

Let me know and i will contact him…

Thanks for the idea. but i already am makin them. I need some ideas of what u guys would like to see

Aren’t most forum stickers just like with a pic matched in to do with the forum subject? I don’t want it to be too big. I would want it to not take up my whole rear window lol

any progress?

Well there isnt really intrest in them… seems like no one wants any

i want some

Probably because most people dont go to the site suggestion part of the forum… Maybe put a sticky in the announcements and the forsale section to let people know of a possible upcoming sticker?


Why is it called instead of Hornblastersforum? or just with a link to the fiorum?

Is this a seperate entity to just associated via a link on HB?

Sorry if I’m being blonde.:o

Oh and Silvy? …I’ve never noticed the railroad going up the middle of your decal! Nice touch!

Thanx for the compliment… Yea, not many people notice them but when they do it all comes together! The forum owner over at is a decal artist! He can make up anything!

i would love to have a forum sticker.

i want a forum sticker to go above my sticker

yeahh when arewe going to have some forum stickers!!!1!

HB is going to get some made so Hold Tight!!

holding tight.