Is this the section where we will get awesome forum deals? lol

This is a section where you can ask questions about Hornblasters products. lol idk about deals, possibly

Correct. This is for anything specifically HornBlasters related. If we have any sort of promotion we’ll be sure to post it

Uhh heres a HB question: My friend wants to get a set of horns, and I basically convinced him to get the shocker kit. My question is can he get 10% off if I get him to join the forums? How many posts does he need until he gets the discount?

i had the forum discount when i just joined here so i don’t think it really matters

also whats up with the new Hornblasters DVD that was supposively coming out and topping the first DVD by 10? Was it postponed?

I was wondering who actually makes the Hornblaster horns? I mean, I know that they are probably made in China, but what company actually makes them?

Thanks for the response. I talked to Matt in the chat the other day. I’m not a Hornblasters official, but I’ll tell you he said they have a lottt of video to edit. He said it might be out in a few months. Don’t take my word for it though.

They’re actually made here, in the US! :wink:

Who is this Matt you speak of?? Is he like GOD, apparently he is up there sitting on a cloud but no one ever sees him. Trippy does he talk to you in your Prayer??? I asked for him to show me a sign (in the form of a pic) but he must of jumped on his cloud and shot off… pmsl

I’d say a good 30 hours worth of so to edit :wink: It’s fun… trust me

I just been watching “Blowing them up” (thanks to Se7en)… awesome stuff on that DVD!:smiley:

Oh man I can’t wait. It’s gonna be hilarious!!