Freshly Powder Coated K3HA'S

I recently sold my set of p-3’s on ebay and bought these bad boys and decided i wanted to protect them from the harsh salt here in ohio that they put on the roads, i used tucsan black from it turned out great, they sound amazing as well, let me know what you think

Im running K3HAs with 5 gallon of air with 1/2 line and running a single 380c, I need more air prob will be getting a 7 gallon soon

They look good. Is the inside bare?

Did you bake 'em in your kitchen? lol

thanks, and yea they are bare for now i think i might slap a coat of clear just to protect them i lil better, and no i have an old oven in my garage i use for powder coating parts and stuff, its a nice little set up, i enjoy doing it

looks good man… def a better horn imo…

mmm got to love
K3HA’s wen thare
powderd coated in
11 earbs and spices
and baket in your
own oven lol.:slight_smile:
sweet work bro
looks good.