Friday the 13th

This is more funny then a scare story but here it goes. I was at the mall and walking back to my jeep in the parking lot. I saw a group of kids 3 girls and some dude so i thought it would be funny to blow my horn from the remote and pretend to be scared with them too. So i did it, i blew the horn as i figured all 3 girls jumped ad screamed the guy jumped a little and i hear him yell. SOMEONE THINKS THERE ME. So i have no idea what the hell that meens but once i got into my jeep i left the door wide open and blew the horn again the girls jumped again looked at me laughed and smiled.(apparently train horns do make girls happy) Alright so now i see the dude running threw the cars to his car so im like alright weird… I sat in my jeep for a little bit and let it warm up i drove to the exit of that section of the parking lot. Now im at the stop sign and all of a sudden i hear WAHHH WAHHH WAHH and i thought there was a honking fire truck behind me. I look behind me and its the kid in a Lincoln town car. I started laughing so hard so i blew my horn again and he started blowin his. So im cracking up laughing i pull out of the parking lot he goes the other way as im waiting to get to the road i blew my horn again to scare some kids they all jump looked around and i hear one yell blow your horn so i just blew it a few times for them they kept tellin me to blow it i mean i did it like 4 times for them. But thats my story this kid had a fire truck. It was very funny not close to my k3 but none the less still cool. Alright what do you think?

best story =]

i el o el a bit

“Someone thinks they’re me…” lol. That’s pretty funny.

ahaha great story

I agree with the girls loving the horn. I was messin with some girls with my horn, while they were with there boyfriends and they wanted me , they were all waving me to come back, but I was like your ugly *****!!! jk i did not.