From Ft Lauderdale/Gainesville, FL

Hey everyone my name is Taylor and I’ve been train hornless for 1 year now. Once I get the funds I’ll definately be back in the game though. For now all I can do is read your scare stories and watch your videos.

I currently go to school at UF, but am originally from Ft Lauderdale.

I had the conductors special on my K5 for about 3 years and ended up selling that with the horns still on it.

Here’s a pic of the K5. I miss it a lot!

Then I bought this Sierra and had it for about a year. I sold it in June

Now I’ve got an 06 Sierra that’s in dier need of some horns.

So that’s my introduction. I can already tell this is gunna be a great forum to be on

Welcome to the forums! nice K5

Welcome, yeah whenever you have a truck that big, you need to put a set of balls on it! And a train horn is the best way to do that lol.

nice set of cars uve had… i liked the bagged sierra!

Welcome to the forums.

welcome! nice to see you on here as well!

I’m from Ft. Lauderdale! Had a bagged truck myself (the blue sonoma looking envoy thing on the hornblasters page) Good to have you on here, let’s see more pictures of that big black truck, any horn installation photos from it?

These pics aren’t too good, but it’s all I have. The install was built for function and not looks as you’ll see

The horns were mounted under the passenger seat area

I had the tank in the driver side rear corner

And here’s the compressor which I upgraded to a 280c after this pic was taken

I never had one problem with that setup.

Nice! looked good

And here’s some more pics of the K5 in general

Back when it was red

I actually sold it to a guy in Tampa so you might see it around sometime Matt.

that k5 is awesome! i love it… i would miss it too if i sold it

Thanks man.
Deep down I didn’t want to sell it, but there were so many little things that annoyed me and I was starting to get bored with it.
I like to switch it up.

Now I want it back though :frowning:

i believe as long as i have a k5la onn my vehicle, ill be happy with whatever i drive…lol

welcome… keep this fourm and going…