from Horn victim to... best friends

A few years ago I installed a set of car horns taken out of a 1995 chevy blazer s10 on my bicycle. I rode around honking them at people lol.

While on my way home that evening I was riding along the side walk and seen up ahead a man riding along in his electric wheelchair. I thought to my self how fucked up it would be and yet did it anyway, as I was riding right by him I held the button down and HOOOOOOOONNNNKKK!!! the man shouted “Hey!!” I stopped and said “what?” and he said “was that you?” I said “yes”. Me and him rode around and I scared some people walking by us with the horn and me and him both laughed our bums off. Its pretty crazy after getting off on the wrong foot, me and him became best friends. After that he had me install a set of car horns on his chair.

The night I installed these me and him went to the local Liquor store. I thought he was gonna buy something but instead he did the unthinkable and held his horn button down for about 2-3 minutes while riding in circles in the parking lot at 11:30 at night! We left after that and not even a minute later we looked behind us and seen the police pull into the parking lot. As we were going toward our houses the police were pulling EVERYONE OVER but us. :wink: me and him made it to our houses and the next morning I get a phone call from him and he tells me the cops were at his house last night confronting him about the horns. He said that the police were also asking about a guy on a bicycle with a car horn and people were complaining. well, right as I was gonna respond he said “JUST KIDDING!!” me and him laughed lol. Well now a days me and him don’t talk much anymore. Personal stuff came up. I wouldn’t want to bring it up anyway. Too depressing. Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the story.

Man you sure are a real character!
Especially after watching Monica’s video “yay”. Bwaaaahhah

hahahahahaha!!! but seriously… KUR does Kill 99.9% of germs!!! lol