From Philippines

Howdy guys, my wife in California received the HB4H a month ago and shipped it here in P.I. I am expecting to receive it this week and I am so excited. My 1 gallon China made horn is not cutting it anymore as it takes 4 hours drive to Manila from my place, the compressor overheats (LOTS OF HORN BLOWING). I don’t have to go to side streets here to have fun. Everybody is on the National road (our main highway). It usually pisses me off to go to Manila as everyone has to share the road including but not limited to: bicycles, tricycles. people sitting on the side of the road and even water buffalo’s. I promise to take some videos when I get my real horn, I don’t want you guys to laugh at my China horns LOL:).

Haha… Ill laugh at your china horns…lol
Yea def get some pics up! And you’ll be very happy with your new horns!

lol @ water buffalo…

welcome aboard. was hoping it was someone from olongopo a jeepny driver or a trike driver that was going to hook up a k5 on their vehicle but the water buffalo brings back memories. LOL:D

Haha thats awesome, welcome aboard

Welcome. I wish I had the chance to see more there but it was just an overnight stay on my way to Thailand for the Air Force.



I will be receiving the kit with a 5 gal and 400c and I just ordered an identical air sys without the horn, I am hoping I could squeeze another K3La from my wife before she comes home this December. It will be awesome to blow it on New Years Eve. Too bad I could have shipped all these gadgets together with my household had I found out the fun out of them before I came her. I told my brother I will give him my China horn but I think he wont settle for that, he wants to have what I will be getting. I am checking outside everytime I hear a big truck coming… :smiley:

LOL That is what I am talking about… You should see them wanting to run with the cart they are pulling everytime I honk my China(soon to be replaced) horn…

haha thats great!