From Statesboro GA

I’ve been a member since nov 08 and have read almost every thread on here. I’m looking to mount my rs5t under my 05 4dr Z71 but im not sure there is room and I don’t have the extra cash for a tank and compressor yet. I could buy something really cheap to start with but whats the point of doing something if youre not going to do it right? I guess when I finally do buy a compressor it’s either going to be a 480c dual pack or something that will fill a 12 gallon tank faster (sorry dan cant afford your oasis :). I saw on hb’s myspace page that the 12 gallon tanks are 70$ shipped. Think im going to get one this week if still available for that price. Any tips on mounting the leslie lemme know…
OH… and how the heck do you get the pic by your post and signature pic at the bottom… still have alot to learn about posting…

Well I figured out the Avatar part… ha easy

LOL, but keep us in mind when you win the lotto or want to do more than just blow those horns!

Welcome back to the forum and we’ll see you a lot more if you want to catch up with Scaredu.

lol lotto, hell i bought 15 bux worth of ticket the other nite for the mega milllions and did not win a single penny… thats the second time i’ve played the lotto this year (first and the last)
thanks for the welcome

yes welcome back, nice set of horns also

welcome to the forums!

Thanks for the welcomes and compliments… Bought my brand spanking new 12 gallon tank today from Garrett ($70 shipped wow)… Extremely friendly and perfect service… Will be ordering the dual 480’s very soon from HB as well. Awesome company!!! Man can’t wait to get these monsters honking!