from Toledo Ohio

Hey there forum names Aaron and I really want to get a horn for my Escort. I put one of them plastic horns in my car with the 12 volt compressor but it just doesnt cut it =/. Havent decided which kit I want to get kinda on a budget can anyone here tell me if this setup is any good?

Its called Black thunder and comes with 3 horns and a 1.5 gal air tank/compressor hopefully some one here has one.

First off, welcome to the forums!
Secondly, I’m not sure about that horn. It looks like my friend’s horn he got from the truck stop. It’s pretty loud, definitely louder than those parts store horns lol. Someone else might know more than me about them though.

Thanks for the input bro.

welcome to the forums, id watch out for those cheapy compressors… where can you fit that horn on an escort?

Ty Brizzal. So those type of compressors arent really reliable? How would I know which ones are worth while. Well Ive been thnking about where to fit something that big and figured I would put the compresser in my trunk and for the horn either underneath the spare tire compartment in the trunk area, or behind my front bumper. Kinda hard to find space on my car but Im gonna have to if I want a beast horn :).

i wouldnt do that kit… i would buy someting from if i were u…
everything from that ebay auction looked cheesy…

Hey welcome to the forum. Like they have been saying, I would get something from Sure, their is a chance that it will be a little more expensive than one you get on eBay, but look at it this way… if you get it and install it yourself and you don’t like it, some, if not all of the kits here come with a 30-day return policy. But seriously…from what I have heard, NO ONE needs to return it lol.

Welcome to the forum! And you have done the right thing unlike many others that just buy on impulse. Do your research 1st and don’t just blow away close to $300 on something you may not be satisfied with! There’s a good number of well educated horn users on this site and they will help guide you in the right direction! Good luck and hope to hear your honking a horn your very happy with in the near future! :smiley:

hes exactly right, just do your research on them before you choose where you want to buy your horn from

Thanks guys, Ive been researching all the kits on horn blasters and Im thinking about buying the Condutcors Special Shocker S4 with the 3 gallon tank. Is this setup loud as hell? And I been tryin to get ideads on where to mount the tank and compresser. Would the trunk be an ideal place for both the tank and comresser? Remeber Im putting this in an Escort :slight_smile:

The trunk would be perfect for the tank and compressor… If u dont mind losing a little extra space…
And yea those horns are crazy loud… youll love em!

Nice dude. I think im just gonna get the Shocker S4 with the 2 gallon tank.

Thats a great choice for an Escort. You’ll definitely be really happy with it