FS: My truck and its parts

idk if yall have seen it latly but this is what she looks like now…
i got strobes and everyhing in there

these prices do not include shipping…

Cobra 29XLR = $SOLD
5 foot (i think) whip with base and plug = $SOLD
Cable for CB $SOLD…its like 25 feet long

5 Lights up front in the pics with the bar $100
2 back lights = $25
Hella 500 2 are new just mounted , 2 are used (SOLD) comes with covers

New 120 watt strobes in the box= $140…have 3 sets

THE TRIM PANEL THAT goes around the A/c has custome switches on it…(but this is only for lost x if he wants to trade with me):


pioneer avic f900bt: $550

hellas sold

antenna cable and pa speaker sold

what you mean by three sets of strobes? You have three full sets?

yup i have em

how easy are strobes to install?

not to hard drill out holes for the bulbs and run your wiring

real easy…me and curtis both have em

I want some of them. Anyone gat em up for grabs?

and the stobe are 120w??? so they are brighter than the whelen 90w??

Hey FEX, I’m not an expert, and I’m not tryin to be a smarta$$, but I’d assume they were. Unless the case holding the lights are a darker white/clear. It would also depend on the placement prolly. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

yes they are brighter than whelen 90w…thats why i got these instread of whelen…