FS: Nathan Airchime K3

1,000$ for whole kit.
Shipping on buyers dime.

willing to separate horns from kit
600$ - Shipping on buyers dime.
Only for my fellow train horn brethren

5 Gallon airtank
Viair 400C compressor
160 psi switch

located: Corpus Christi

If I dont reply email: robert76544@gmail.com


pictures from install

any more pics just email me and i will send ASAP

I’m in Dallas…I’ll give you $600 for the entire setup.

FIRM: 750$ + shipping.

How much for just the horns?

lowest i will go with the kit is 750 but horns i will let go for 500 since the compressor is old and from my first kit and the tank cost 125

but id let you pay for shipping.

these horns were painted with fusion black paint and have no wear and tear or damage marks.

Email sent

are theses still available?