FS. Pair of Grover Air horns!!!!!!!!!!


Up for grabs is a set of Grover air horns. Mounts included but not pictured. horns have some cosmetic wear. chrome is still looking decent. they sound amazing. Including 3/8 ptc fittings on each and proper nipples and elbow to make the bend. Had these mounted on a pickup. But i put my shockers back on instead. These are taking up room in my garage. I hate to part with them since i loved the authentic demanding sound! But i have no room on my truck either. I will soon be mounting my nathan back on.

Local (buffalo ny) I will take $60, as I have them listed on craigslist for that. Bepending where you are in U.S. I will eat half shipping cost. Make me an offer!

Are these the Grover emergency tone air horns??

These are not. Actually I was just logging on to say they are SOLD…

I do have a grover emergency horn that I will be listing soon tho. I just removed it from my truck.