FS::: STEAM whistle!! southern 3 chime ( works on air too) lol

Hey guys…so I have here an awesome steam whistle, made by MD Whistles. It is the Southern 3 Chime steptop 6" diameter whistle…amazing looking piece. Sounds even better. It has a built in valve top lever which was an expensive option…The bell is Cast steel. The longest part of the bell is 16.5", and from the bottom of the 1.5" NPT inlet to the top of the lever is 26" long.

It’s heavy, and very well made. Reason for selling is I had good plans to use this on my truck, but since I waited for it to get made some priorities with the project changed. And that has to be funded. The whistle is BRAND new and just got it yesterday. It has a black coating on it. My loss is your gain!

and it DOES sound awesome on air too. An octave lower actually…! Just need a lot of air :slight_smile:

Asking $650 picked up! $695 shipped CONUS…I paid about $750 for it and it’s brand new. Took over a month to have it built.

Here are some sound clips of what it sounds like:



Please message me if your have any questions! thanks broski’s :cool:

that sounds awesome. That second sound sample tho, you’d have to have a 80 gal tank to be able to blow it that long!

that sounds great!!

Sorry but fuk me drunk!!! how cool is that!!! thats a serious noise… I’d love to get this… but yeah as 06z71silvy said, you’d need some serious Air going thro that!!!:eek:

Haha stinky this is like the third post where you exclaim your drunk lol!

kinda funny. you englishmen like your beer. Beer right? or Liquer? mmmmm…coors light

Hey Trippster… ha ha ha ha hmmmmmmm yeah maybe I had a few lol lol I dont even remember seeing that whistle lol lol… its real hot over here at moment which makes a change, So had more than my fair share me thinks!!!

Yeah, beer… lol Bud Ice or Stella Artios… (STELLA AKA Wife beater gear!!) Its stronger than ya average Bear! lol I mean Beer…hiccups

Is this sold?

Well that is a nice Southern 3 chime whistles. as I have the same one as that without the valve as my doorbell. I know Mike and he makes nice stuff. And those whistles are hefty weight wise. You wil need one hell of a air supply to make that whistle happy. I run mine with a 80 gallon ingersol ran shop compressor with another 80 gallon tank next to it and can drain both of them in about 2 to 2.5 minutes or less.

holy crap!!! i wish i had that kind of money right now (dont we all) cuz i totally would buy that.

how much air do u need to do some nice honks???i have 20gals at 200psi…what can u regulate it too to be able to run and sound nicely

Read my post above. You will never be able to blow that whistle on your trucks system. Not unless you have a lot of air supply that whistle has a 1-1/4" NPT female connection. It can be choked down to one inch to supply but you have to have the air supply as stated.


Good Luck,


damn, i wish i had enough air for it.id buy it…but what good does it do if its just gonna sit in my garage

Ive heard some of these whistles ran on air, they really sound terrible. Both of those sound clips were on a steam locomotive. They were never designed to run on air.