Funniest scare!

In your opinion what its the scare that you have enjoy the most?

Well it was about 10oclock at night. and I was driving home and still on campus. Its a 2 lane street with a small median in between. Well I see this young couple, looked to be freshman and they were about to walk across the street. so I give them the old hand gesture to cross. Well anyway they get onto the median and literally 3 feet away from my car and I blast em. for like 3 continuous seconds. They both screamed, they guy jumped probably 2 feet in the air, and for the girl HAHA she ducked down into the fetal position. It was the best, by far scare that I have ever given. I laugh to this day just thinking about it. I WISH I had my camera to capture that epic moment

i like seeing old high school friends and when i left i scared the hell out of them


well mine its when i went to pickup my girlfriend at school and she didn’t know i install the horns that morning so when she was walking to the door i honk it and she scream like a baby and make a jump so high i didn’t knew she could jump that high lol and i was laughing so hard and she hit me like 3 times in the leg lol.

you’re just asking for trouble when you scare your girlfriend…lol

hahaha how u know!!!1