GAME: Movies!

The aim of this game is that you must link a Movie to an actor/actress and then that star to a movie and keep it going in order.

Do not name an actor/actress who has only ever starred in the previous post, likewise do not name a film where you know hardly anyone will have ever heard or seen it, or the game will cease to continue,and the idea is to keep it going!

So for example this is how it should run:

Post1: Star Wars (Movie
Post2: Harrison Ford (Actor)
Post3: Indiana Jones (Movie)
Post4: Sean Connery (Actor)
Post5: James Bond (Movie)

So lets play.

I will start the game off with a movie, good luck!


Ben Stillar


Cayden Boyd

X-Men 3

Alexandra Zhang


Adam Sandler

50 first dates

Rob Schneider


ah I was thinking bad news bears… ok then Jon Heder

Blades of glory

Will Ferrell


Artie Lange

Beer League

Ralph Macchio

obviously - karate kid

Pat Morita