Game: ^,<,v

Ok guys, I saw this game on another forum and it was pretty fun.

^ = Answer the question of the poster above you
< = Tell us something about yourself.
V = Ask a question for the next person to answer.

^ There is no Q for me since I am first.
< I got Hide-A-Ways in the mail today.:smiley:
v What do you drive?

^ 2002 dodge ram
> i race motocross
v favorite football team?

>i detail cars
v what temperature is in Fairbanks, Alaska tomorrow?

^ Highs from 5 below to 15 above freezing tomorrow lol
< I start school back tomorrow eh
v What do you do for a living?

^Fix cars, clear snow on weekends, jackhammer in summer, trying to get a job at a canning place
< I drive my truck like it’s stolen
v What is the worst thing you ever got pulled over for? Did you get a ticket?

^ improper and honking unsafe u turn…what kind of poop is that? yes i did get a ticket
< i run my own business
v (haha i spent a min looking for the down arrow…forgot about the v) HOw old are u?

^ 22
< Got some Denali headlights for my truck today
v What would you do for a Klondike bar?

^ not very much since they’re cheap enough to go buy one.

< having the fuel fill hose replaced on my truck because it leaks and CA law requires your vehicle to pass a pressurized fuel tank test for the smog certificate.

v when was the last time you took a vacation?

^ Back in 2005, my wife and I went on a week long cruise to Mexico.
< I’m obsessed with rescuing small furry animals and ride motorcycles way too fast.
V What’s your dream vehicle if money were no object?

^ Mclaren f1
> I need another new bumper haha
v How much wood, could a wood-chuck, chuck, if a wood-chuck could chuck wood?

^ Not much woodchucks are pretty small…
< Just watched My Bloody Valentine 3d… AWESOME!
v Did you look for the down arrow?

^ No i read the other post and seen that the letter v was it
< Im in Al Dhafra
v How many good horn scares do you have under your belt?

^ Alot lol
< I wear contacts
v What time did u wake up this mornin

^ 6am
> I have a 10 year old boxer dog named prancer.
v What did you want to be when you grew up?

^ A tow truck driver, you gotta dream big.
< Finally changed my O2 sensor, take that gas company!
v How many hours do you work a day?

^ Less than i should lol
< I’m a Dumpster Diver =D
v How many icons are on your desktop?

^ none everything is hidden. all I have is a wallpaper.
> My last name really is Twist
v If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?

^ taylor swift or julianne hough
> i got my first tickets for honking tues, wont be the last
v have you ever had a honking ticket?

^No, but I plan on getting a few once I get my tax return and purchase me some horns
< Almost hit the ditch on the way home (white out) but the bumpy thing on the side saved my donkey
v Have you ever hit the ditch?

< went to dallas bull last night, whore were nasty lol
v u work full time?