Garrett, Matt, etc.: Best time to call?


Looking to place an order, but this time zone thing being in Iraq screws it up a bit. When’s the best time to call to place an order?



thank you for your services serving our country.

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Thanks bro …

FYI …I’m a veteran, but currently over here as a civilian.

how is it over there now?

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Like everything else, it has its good days and its bad days. I haven’t heard a shot fired in anger in almost a year, but then again I’m not in an area where they get alot of that.


so what do u do over there??

Basically, administer the network. I make sure things like network security are working and if a change needs to be made, I do it.

do u do cisco networking? cuz im goin to school for it

Yeah, right now just switches … trying to get my CCNA done so I can start my CISSP.

nice man… i just started school so im no.where near it…but i wanna learn cisco all the way up to.voip and security. then learn programming as well…

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Already tried my hand at object oriented programming, along with some of the older langauges (Ada, Pascal, Turbo Pascal, GW Basic, a little COBOL, and some C+ back in the 90’s) and I got tired of thinking in code all the time.

I’m also going for Security and VOIP, that’s the new “in thing” and I expect it to only get bigger.

yeah my buddy has been in cisco for like 10 years. he told me what to get into…hes actually teaching cisco now…
i wanna learn programming simply to write phone apps…
and with security atleast i wont have my job outsourced to india or something like most programmers…

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Call between 1800 and 0200 in your time.


We have the offices open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm Eastern time. Give us a call when you’re ready: 813-783-8058

My extension is:306

Also, thanks for sending your friend our way. We’re always grateful!

Thanks man … I’ll be calling before the end of the week.

I know I’ve sent a couple folks your way, and I’ve got a couple more looking now too, and if they’re serious I’ll make sure to have them call ya.

You’re the man Kris! We’ll talk soon.

There seems to be someone there answering the phone even a little beyond normal working hours. Figure out the time difference from where you are and Flordia.