GE e-bell for sale


Please post pictures.

I’m sorry i dont know how to post pics here. Pm me your email and ill send pics that way.

Upload the pics here… or on another free service like

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Graham white. Series 373. Model 373-011

Here are some pictures

The “silver” bell is aleady spoken for:D:D:D:D

Pretty sure these are the “hard wired” 373-010;)

373 Series E-BELL
The 373 Series E-BELL is a solid-state electronic bell with a sound that is just like a pneumatic bell. It does this without the normal maintenance and/or potential freeze ups of conventional bell ringers. The design is half the weight of a cast iron pneumatic bell and just as rugged. A dual interface bracket makes it possible to retrofit GM and GETS locomotives with ease. Two models are available to choose from, which include a hardwired model (373-010), and a 2-pin connector model (373-011).

Technical Specifications

Illustration may not depict actual product specifications.

Thanks a lot yes the silver one is yours.

I bought one of his black ones. the bell was brand new and it sounds great.
I mounted it on my truck and ordered A 12v to 36v step up converter on E-bay. Thanks again 63 belair Rex…

Got any pics of install? Im curious to see how others mounted their bells.

Ill try to take A few pics later and post them. I mounted the E- bell in front of my left rear tire as that’s the only place I had left to install it.

Here are some pics of the install, Took them with my cam phone. I couldn’t get on the rack to get some good pics but Hope these will give ya an Idea of how I mounted The E-bell. Dashboard pic shows where I mounted the toggle switch and the 12v to 36 volt step up converter is mounted under the dash in A cool place on the lower AC floor vent. Ok I didn’t cut the tie wrap but I’ll get to it. LOL
I’m in the process of making A splash guard for the front of the wheel well to keep water from spraying all over the unit.

Great seller, bought a #1 bell of off 63 Belair, shipped fast and arrived safely. Hes got lots of other goodies to :wink:

Nice install, i was trying to put mine there, but it would have been hanging 1/2 inch below the bed if I mounted it directly to the bed.

I have another aluminium colored one if anyone is interested. Or trade?

I’m new to the scene…is the ebell the ding ding ding we hear on the trains? Then the horn goes blast? I’m waiting on my Nathan kit to get here, I’d like the bell too! How much u askin?

Yes that’s the ding ding. It’s A Graham White 373 E- Bell runs on 25-138 volts DC. You need A step up converter (sold on E-bay) 12 to 36 volt 1-5 amps will do. 63 Belair is the guy to talk to. He is A good guy. Message him and see if he still has one. Rex…

Yes I do still have a ebell. 450 me for more details.

I guess I’m too new to pm… I’d love to have the bell but I just can’t drop that much right. Just spent 1200 on my k3 Nathan kit. Maybe if you have it in a few weeks still I’ll take it!