Gel Cell Battery out of an Electric wheelchair

My battery died in my truck today but I had an extra Gel Cell Battery out of a Custom Shop rider Power Chair HD sitting around. Its bigger than the old wet cell battery that was in my truck but it works great. Its also heavy as hell. I tested the voltage out and it read 13.2 volts before I put it in my truck. Has anyone else out there tried something similar to this? does it make it easier on the Alternator? because I noticed when I turned on my air compressors that my headlights don’t go dim bright real fast amymore. And my subwoffers don’t make my headlights dim either. I guess my old battery was done for. lol I also Forgot to mention that the brand name is MK Powered. Or Power. Not sure. I had to install it in a hurry because it was getting dark out. I’ll take some pics when I get a chance.

The more cranking amps a battery can deliver the less likely you’ll see power drops.

We recommend most AGM type batteries, except Optima due to customer testimonies, because they have really good cranking amps.

I have a couple AGM type batteries. The alternator doesn’t care what kind of battery it charges. Just don’t mix battery types within the same system.

But yeah, AGM power cells can usually dump power quicker than wet cells.

Like Dan I have heard plenty of negatives about Optima.